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Salcura conducted analysis recently into the correlation between the sale of their products designed for eczema prone skin and the incidence of eczema across the UK, with some interesting findings.

They identified that the areas of the UK where they send the most products for eczema are all hard water areas, whilst the areas they deliver the fewest eczema products to are all soft water areas.

Dr Martin Schiele, Bio-Medical Research Scientist and founder of Salcura, said: "From a scientific point of view the idea that hard water will have an effect on eczema makes sense on paper, and I have always believed that it formed part of a wider mix of external factors affecting the prevalence of eczema.

"Where hard water exists, an often invisible layer of minerals deposit on the skin after bathing or washing. Where the skin barrier function is deficient, these alkali deposits can irritate skin and cause inflammation and itching in the same way that other allergens such as chlorine and pollens cause the same sort of problems."

Dr Schiele added: "However, these sales figures clearly illustrate that customers living in areas of hard water in the UK are buying more products to treat eczema, than those living in areas of soft water."

Having grown from humble roots and now with a presence in over 15 countries, Salcura is a fast growing company with dedicated people who are passionate about improving the lives of their customers. Predominantly, those customers are either people who suffer with a skin condition themselves or they care for someone who does.

Founded on the principle of giving people ‘life changing results’ through the use of its products, Salcura doesn’t just help people manage the symptoms of eczema but they do so in a way that provides minimal disruption to daily life and without using harsh ingredients that many consumers are becoming more wary of. In short, their products are highly effective, easy to use and free from nasty chemicals.

Salcura DermaSpray, Zeoderm and the Bioskin Junior products are formulated to soothe, calm and rejuvenate eczema prone skin in children and adults. On this site you can order samples of the range containing two key products – a Spray product and a Cream product. They are used in the same way that you may use an emollient/steroid combination; one for regular use, ongoing skin moisture and nutrition and one for when a flare-up occurs.

So confident are Salcura that you’ll see not just improvement to the skin but also how practical and easy to use their products are that Salcura are sending the samples for free along with the help and advice booklet that is also free to order on the site.